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April 27, 2012
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Dead Dwarves Don't Dance cover by Igor Kieryluk by DerekJCanyon Dead Dwarves Don't Dance cover by Igor Kieryluk by DerekJCanyon
Cover art for my cyberpunk novel Dead Dwarves Don't Dance by Igor Kieryluk. I love Igor's work and I'm looking forward to getting him to do the cover for the sequel.

Visit for more info.

Dead Dwarves Don't Dance

Noose, a genetically engineered dwarf mercenary, barely survives a terrorist attack on a neohuman dance club. Injured and alone, he embarks on a brutal quest for vengeance into the squalid underbelly of the Regional Atlanta Metroplex, through the desert wasteland of the not-so-pristine wilderness, and to the peerless towers of elite society.

The year is 2134. The nations of previous centuries are gone, consumed by the United Globe government. Citizens are confined to vast metroplexes while the rest of Earth is restored to wilderness. Neohumans are grown in vats, each type genetically engineered to serve humanity flawless pleasers for gratification and ecstasy, hulking goons for war and violence, accidental psykers wreaking havoc, and more of any shape and size imaginable.

An action-packed, hard-boiled science fiction novel of redemption and revenge.

Praise for Dead Dwarves Don't Dance

"Louis Lamour meets Philip K. Dick"

"Cyberpunk action worth reading"

"Action at it's best"

"excellent characters in a riveting world"

"Fantastic action!"

"difficult to put down once you start reading it"

"if you like cyberpunk in the grittier context, then this book should be a no-brainer for anyone"

"It is more of the style of a Schwarzenegger or a Stallone movie"

"very fun and quick read"

A paperback version should be available on Amazon by the end of May.
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ibendit May 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
nope, moving with the times.
up to chapter7 ,great!
Ibendit, a paperback version of this novel will be available on Amazon in a few weeks.
ibendit May 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
gets kindle for pc, can't wait.
ibendit May 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
ufff , i'm overloaded with tech, and now i have to buy a kindle... ok, when the next art pay comes in.
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